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Stay away from 't Fietshokje HOUTPLEIN!!

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I bought a 2dn hand E-Bike from this shop a month an a half ago with 3 months warranty, that's why you would pay a little extra.

1 month after buying it the battery died so I went to the shop and let them know. With very bad ways they told me "why let you drain the battery?" which was not true, I took care of it and never let it discharge deeply.

They told me they would fix it and call me back that same day, then the next day, then few days later... After 2 weeks I went to the shop and my bike was still there with 0 progress, nothing repaired, they did not even remember me and what was wrong with my bike. When I complaint they suddently came out from the warehouse with another battery for me.

At home I realized the battery they gave me has much less capacity and poorer performance than the original !! Mine was 13Ah and the one they gave me was 10Ah. They are professional scammers and liars and very dishonest people. I won't waste my time going there anymore but I will post this notice so at least I can prevent future buyers!! Stay away from them, if you need a bike just go to any other 2nd hand shop, but not to this one.

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Dishonest, liars, scammers