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Shitty bike.Even worse service

Review over T Fietshokje

Be very careful when you buy a bike here. A friend of mine had a horrible experience buying a new ‘mountain bike’ here for her 10 year old son. It broke down the day after purchasing it. Then it took two weeks to repair it because they were grossly understaffed. After it finally been repaired it broke down again a couple of weeks later. In this case the back wheel didn’t turn smoothly anymore. The new repair man ‘repaired’ it. But it still was not good. When we demonstrated this by turning the wheel and compare that with a new bike, we got flatly lied to in the store, that there was no problem. And ‘if there was a problem go to another store to fix it there’. At the end we were ‘kindly removed’ from the store without a working solution. Money gone, a shitty bike and a very very frustrating feeling about the service and a total unwillingness to come with a real solution. It should have been money back or a new bike. Both did not happen. We later saw on the receipt they do not give back money at all. So, my advice: avoid this store as the plague and do your home work regarding buying a bike and the after sales service you’re looking for. Don’t fall for these smooth talkers and shitty providers. They gladly take your money but fail to deliver the service required when the bike is broken. Even if it’s a brand new bike. To be clear this is about ‘t Fietshokje Raaks.

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Bad product, even worse service. Very frustrating experience.