Terrible Quality!

Terrible Quality!

I bought a bike at t Fietshokje in Amsterdam. Within less then 20 minutes, the bike wasn't working anymore, the disc brakes were blocking the rear wheel. The wheel didn't move at all anymore. The chain guard had also fallen off. The bike was 175 euros. I wanted to return it and get my money back. On their website they say that you can get your money back. But in the store they told me that that's only for bikes which were ordered online.
I could only swap it for another bike.
I tried a few other bikes, all of them had parts which weren't working properly, like lose cogwheels, broker gears, etc. There weren't any good bikes.
After complaining a lot, he told me that he would arrange for me to get my money back. He said you paid by cash, and I don't have it but the day after tomorrow you can collect it.
We'll see if I get it back, but to be honest I think he just wanted to get rid of me and I don't expect a phonecall that I can collect my money. I don't believe that he didn't have the money there, and I paid by cash because they told me there atm machine was broken and I could only pay cash.

Also, they ignore emails with complaints.

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