Terrible customer service

Terrible customer service

Unfortunately very unhappy with a product that I bought in the store (Haarlem - Houtplein 16). The product was a folding bicycle FX 9000, valued at 265 euros. BonNr: 1033114.
On my way home I noticed the fragility of the product, as well as its poor performance while pedaling. With a use of 10 min I could see that the handlebar was moving, needing tightening, and the front wheel was wobbly (seeming to run off axis).
Regreting the purchase, I returned to the store to return the product and I was greeted with a terrible service.
The employee, after knowing the reason of my going, left me waiting without an answer for more than 20 min and refused to talk to me in English, claiming that he didn't know how to speak!
He informed me rudely that he could not return my money and that I would have to send an email to the Central requesting a refund. I asked to leave the bike in the store, since even folded the model is very uncomfortable to be transported and he didn't allowed me to do so.
The Central also replied me rudely and gave me no viable alternative to solve my situation. I had to stay with a poor quality product that does not serve me for what I needed.
I know that in Holland there is a good customer service policy, but it's no applicable in this store. Stay away from this place!

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Haarlem - Houtplein 16

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Haarlem - Houtplein 16

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